The Gateway Foundation unveils designs for new space hotel

Washington D.C. : Many of us have dreamt of spending time in outer space and now 'The Gateway Foundation' is here to fulfill that dream. 

According to CNN, this Californian Company has planned to start a cruise, Von Braun Station that will float among the stars by 2025. 

The plan that will be fully functional by the year 2027 is the only space-based tourism option to date in development. 

Other than the International Space Station, which recently announced the possibility of commercial collaboration, Virgin Galactic, Elon Musk's SpaceX company and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin aerospace company also planned together to propel people into space, according to CNN. 

As per the released footages and snaps by The Gateway Foundation, the station seems to be a rotating wheel, attached with 24 modules orbiting the Earth.

Explaining the physics of the hotel functioning, senior design architect at the Gateway Foundation, Tim Alatorre said, "The station rotates, pushing the contents of the station out to the perimeter of the station." 

"Much in the way that you can spin a bucket of water the water pushes out into the bucket and stays in place," he told CNN Travel. 

Near the centre of the station there's no artificial gravity, Alatorre said, but as you move down the outside of the station, the feeling of gravity increases. 

The name of the hotel design is after an aerospace engineer who pioneered rocket technology, first in Germany and later in the United States. 

The cost to launch passengers into sub-orbital space will be around $250,000 per person with the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 450 people. 

Describing the interiors of Von Braun Station, Alatorre said the hotel's aesthetic was a direct response to the Stanley Kubrick movie '2001: A Space Odyssey.' 

"It was almost a blueprint of what not to do," said Alatorre. "l think the goal of Stanley Kubrick [director] was to highlight the divide between technology and humanity and so, purposefully, he made the stations and the ships very sterile and clean and alien." 

During the trip, the passengers will be facilitated with warm suites, carpets and chic bars that will add up to star-gazing views, reported CNN. Also, Alatorre said there will be plenty of fun recreational activities for guest to enjoy, reported CNN. 

The space station may also be used for research purposes as per The Gateway Foundation wish. 
The Gateway Foundation project terrestrial construction is set to begin on October 1, 2019. 

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