Indian student found dead after heavy search

Melbourne The body of a 21-year-old Indian student missing in Australia was found on Monday in the Medicalville area of Victoria. The police had evacuated a local dam to find him. The report of the disappearance of the university student Poshik Sharma was reported on Friday in Melbourne. By noon on Thursday afternoon he was with his friends.

The Edge told the police that on Monday on Monday on the outskirts of Mariusville, there was a body of Poshik found in the bushes. Four days ago (on Thursday) he was alone with a friend from a pub of Mariusville after being touted with friends. Police said that this death is not being taken as suspicious.

More than 90 people from the Victoria Police, State Emergency Service, Country Fire Authority and the Expert team were busy gathering around Maryville and surrounding them. The rescue and relief team had evacuated a whole dam.

The team's lead inspector David Ryan said, "They (family members) had hoped that with the effort being made, we would find Poshik but it was not a good result." In fact, Sharma is located in Melbourne's suburbs area Veribe Was living in and he went to Maryville with his friends walking to Lake Mountain.

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