Terrorism is not "right or left", NIA will be eliminated by law: Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said that Pakistan has not signed the SAARC Regional Convention on Suppression of Terrorism (SAARC Regional Convention on Suffrage of Terrorism) to curb terrorism but India has to deal with "surgical strikes, air" There are other ways like strikes'. On clarification on the clarification sought by some members during the discussion in the Lok Sabha in the National Investigation Agency Amendment Bill 2019, Amit Shah said, "There is no right or left of terrorism. Terrorism is just terrorism. "

He said that Pakistan did not even sign the SAARC Regional Convention on Suppression of Terrorism. Even if he does not sign the agreement with India, then we have many ways to deal with it. If he does not sign, then will we wait for other countries to add it? The Home Minister mentioned measures such as surgical strikes and air strikes in this context. Shah said that Pakistan would have to sign this agreement under pressure of the world one day and if she does not, then we have ways to deal with it.

Shah replied in response to a question of AIMM's Asaduddin Owaisi that the BJP government runs from the law. There are investigations, prosecution and decisions at different levels. The government does not interfere in it. On Owaisi's comment on not appealing in the Samjhauta Express case, Shah said that in this case, the UPA government changed the stand and left the accused first caught and caught others. Shah said, "Did Owaisi ever ask the UPA question, why were the innocent people detained without leaving the accused?"

When Owaisi said, 'Now you are in the government, then you do this work', then the Home Minister said that "you will fulfill your wish also." Amit Shah intervened in the discussion, saying that something People mentioned religion and raised the topic of misuse of NIA law. He said, "We want to clarify that there is no desire nor any intention to misuse the Modi government's NIA law and this law will be used purely to eliminate terrorism."

In reference to some members mentioning 'POTA' (Terrorist Activity Prevention Act), the Home Minister said, "POTA law was dissolved (canceled) to save the vote bank. With the help of POTA, the country was protected from terrorism. It was fear inside the terrorists, the boundaries of the country were protected. This law was disrupted by the previous UPA government when it came in 2004. "He said that dissolution of POT was not right, it is our belief even today. The officials of the former security forces also believe this.

Shah said that after the dissolution of POTA, terrorism increased so much that the situation did not get over and the UPA government had to decide to bring NIA to itself. In this context, he gave an example of a series of bomb blasts and 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai. The Home Minister said, "It is a matter of giving more power to any agency that takes action against terrorism and if the House is not a vote, then the morale of those who spread terrorism increases." I want to tell the people of all parties that this law will give strength to the security agency in tackling terrorism in the country. "

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